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Sullivan Unmanned Vehicle specializes in unmanned vehicle subsystems. While we do not produce complete UVs, we supply internal components and subassemblies for many UV programs. Standard products include alternators from a few watts to many kilowatts, onboard and external engine starters, fuel tanks, fuel system components, control system hardware and wheels. We can supply quantities from one to thousands.

Every program is different. We often customize systems to some degree for the specific requirements of the vehicle. Fuel tanks are usually conformal to the vehicle's internal structure. Onboard engine starters vary by engine model, direction of rotation, and voltage. Alternators and power systems come in a variety of sizes and ratings. They can have many voltage outputs, backup battery management and other features as needed for the application.

In addition, our experience in UV construction makes us a good partner for development of custom components and extended capabilities.

Your success is our success. Our goal is to become your preferred supplier of power systems and other vehicle components. Whether you need quality products, engineering services or support, please let us know how we can help your project succeed.

Data Sheets

120 to 475 Watt Alternator

290 to 1620 Watt Alternator

650 to 2800 Watt Alternator

1150 to 4500 Watt Alternator

1600 to 5000 Watt Alternator

2100 to 7700 Watt Alternator

New Products -

325 Watt 13.5/6 VDC Power Module

525 Watt 24/12/6 VDC Power Module

700 Watt 24/12/6 VDC Power Module

200 Watt 13.5/6 VDC Power Module

400 Watt 28/12/6 VDC
Power Module

3000 Watt 28VDC Power Module

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